Onion Uthappam

Dosa is a popular tiffin in South India. It is more like a crepe made with rice and lentils. When Dosas are made a little thicker, they are called Uthappam. Both Dosas and Uthappams are served with sambar and chutney. There are so many varieties in dosa. Plain Dosa, Ghee Dosa, Masala Dosa, etc. For Uthappam the batter must be prepared atl east one day before and it should be kept in the refrigerator. But make sure the batter is not more 4 to 5 days old.

Onion Final


  • Dosa  batter – 3 cups
  • Medium size onions – 2
  • Oil for cooking (can use canola oil or vegetable oil but preferably sesame oil)

Method of Preparation:

Onion Dosa  1

Wash the onions and cut them into small pieces and transfer it to a bowl or plate.

Heat the tawa or griddle over medium heat. Add a drop of oil and sprinkle a little amount of water and spread the oily water throughout the griddle. Pour one ladle full of batter on the griddle. Spread it a bit but it has to be thick.

Sprinkle handful of chopped onions on the dosa. Pour a teaspoon of oil around the dosa and allow to cook. Turn the dosa very carefully and add one more teaspoon of oil and lower the heat. Let it cook. Repeat the procedure and prepare Uthappams.

Serve hot with sambar and chutney, idly podi,etc.

Preparation Time: 15 to 20 minutes
No of Dosas: 5


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